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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Placenta Brain

I see dumb people...every time I look in the mirror.

I've heard many different terms for the dumbness that happens during pregnancy. Preggo brain, baby brain, the list goes on. I've always liked the term Placenta Brain because the adequate description I was given how the placenta takes up so much blood to grow and nourish your baby that there is not blood left over for your brain.

I also love the stories I've heard of woman having their own placenta brain moments. My girlfriend sat through an entire business lunch at a restaurant with her keys in the ignition and her car running outside...for over an hour. My blog friends have had funny tails of putting the milk away in the pantry and the cereal in the refrigerator. Recently, I've had a few funny stories myself:

Last week I was taking a shower. When I was done with my shower, I just got out of it....without turning the water off. As I stood in my bathroom drying off with my towel a few minutes later I realized that the water was still running. Duh? How does that happen? Turning the water off before you step out of the shower is a habit created from like 5 years old on. How the heck did I mess that one up?

Yesterday I got all ready for my morning walk with the dogs which I do just about every morning. Had my ipod, my earphones, my blackberry, my sunglasses, the dogs, their leashes and I even remembered to bring the poop bags. We were off... Halfway around the block I realized I was slightly uncomfortable. Then I realized I was wearing my flip flops!! What? For 8 years I was in the fitness industry and wore tennis shoes every day of my life. How the heck could I have put on flip flops instead? Needless to say I have a massive case of shin splints today.

On a side note: Here's an updated pic. 28weeks. 3rd trimester. The beginning of the end!If you haven't noticed I've started to feel like my face has finally started to get a little rounder. (I know I've been lucky so far in that I don't gain weight in my face usually....hubs says he still can't see it, but I do) So I've began to take on the theory that the bigger the hair do, the smaller the face. With anymore hairspray I'll belong on the Real Housewives of NJ!!



5th Belle Avenue said...

You look ADORABLE!!! And I definitely don't see any rounding of the face. ;) You look great!

Anonymous said...

You look adorable! I feel my face getting rounder and it scares me. But other than bigger hair what can ya do? :)
I walked away from the faucet the other day without turning it off and thought what the heck is that noise? Yah it was the water running. :)

Littlest True Blue said...

Ha ha ha! Very cute preggo brain stories! And you are a totally hot mamma! No chubby face AT ALL!!! Maybe thinking that you are gaining in your face is part of the placenta brain! Ha!

Shanny said...

Heehee you just craked me up! the preggo brain stories... gotta love'em! I've actually gone all day with 2 bras on, one beige and one black and didn't notice until it was time to take them off... the beige was on top of the black... think I would have noticed that one?

B @ Our Journey said...

Hi!!! I just found your blog and love it. I have PCOS also and have been TTC since February. I just recently started my own blog to document our journey.


Waiting Lisa said...

Love the belly pic :)