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Monday, March 15, 2010

6 Weeks

Cupcake is 6 weeks old today. Happy Birthday Cupcake!! Boy, they do grow up fast.
Unfortunately, instead of being at my favorite Dr's office without my pant on, hopefully seeing a beautiful little egg sack (or two) in my uterus, I'm stuck in class today. But that is ok...as anxious as I am, I'm ok with waiting another week. By next week we are sure that the heart will be beating strong enough to hear it, not just see it. I've heard that sometimes at 6 weeks you can't hear it yet. So as non-patient as I am, I'm ok with waiting another week.
Over the weekend my girlfriend who is preggo with her second baby gave me a butt-load of books that I just "have" to read. Holy cow. One book was the list of 60,000 baby names. That one was fun. Also she gave me both Jenny McCarthy "Belly Laughs" books. I read the first one cover to cover last night. It is an easy read, but even for me (a non-reader) that was very impressive. She is hilarious and so are her cooks. I definitely recommend her book to anyone. (As long as you won't get offended by an F-bomb here or there. Which we all know, I am quit partial too).
Other books I received are books all about breast feeding and such. Yikes, too early to be thinking about all that. Also there was a book on vaccine's. I haven't started that one yet, but that whole debate freaks me out too. I'm very lucky that I trust my ObGyn as much as I do. I'm sure when I get released back to her, she can help me figure all that stuff out.
Until then, I wait for one more week to pass by. So far, SO GOOD!!


Waiting Lisa said...

I am so impressed with your ability to wait! I can't wait to hear all about your appointment next week!!!

(Great, now I am craving a cupcake after seeing that picture, haha.)

Machelle said...

Just came across your blog! I wanted to say congrats!!! I too have PCOS and did IVF and all the "drugs." I remember the day I got the phone call saying I was pregnant and my number at 13 dpo was 749. Then at 16 dpo it was about 900 I think? Anyways, I now have twin girls! I can not wait to hear about your ultrasound! Congrats again my dear!

Tiffany said...

Wow, Machelle, you are the THIRD person in the last week who I've "met" who has gone through fertility treatment and has twin girls. Maybe it's a sign!

Bridget said...

Tiffany, I am so excited for you! I've been looking for an update, can't wait to hear the news post ultra sound appt! Prayers your way!

Just Me...C said...

So sorry you've been so sick but it will all be worth it very soon! Hang in there! Hope class has been enjoyable (as much as class can be right?)!