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Friday, March 5, 2010

A New Experience

That's how it felt at my RE's office today, like a totally new experience. It felt like there was a spotlight shining on me and before entering each room, the curtains were drawn.
It first started off by me walking in. Typically the office manager does not look up or say anything when you walk in. Seriously, you could hear a pin drop. I would just sign my name on the sign-in sheet and sit down. Well today it was, "Good morning" with a great big smile. Plus there were two more smile and nods toward me when we caught each other's eye contact. It's almost like when we continued to come in after each failed cycle, she wouldn't dare look at us in the eyes. But now however, she no longer feels like the evil woman who takes my credit card after a BFN, she can now be the nice woman who smiles.
Then, the nurse came and got me. Luckily there was nobody else in the waiting room because she opened the door with a big, "Congratulations!" (I would have felt horrible if there were other infertiles out there to hear that.) Finally, when I was back in the room getting my blood taken another nurse pops her head in to say, "I hear congratulations are in order!" Wow, you would have thought I was just nominated for president or something!
My blood work phone call was returned promptly before the time they had given me.
HcG = 767
Progesterone = 38.5
Both awesome numbers. Anything above 5 for HcG means your pregnant. Anything above 15 for progesterone is good. So I don't need any supplements, or to re-take my blood.
Next on my list of course was to compare my HcG with the "average" Singleton chart. Now I know every woman is so different and it's hard to put an average on it but...
I am currently 17dpo (days past ovulation)
Average minimum and maximum for a Singleton 17dpo is anywhere between 17-429.
Again my level was 767. Could I have two peanuts cooking in there?
Oh boy, we will wait to see. All I know is we had at least 4 mature follicles during our last ultrasound....and I can't wait until our next ultrasound. They wanted to see me on week 6 a.k.a. March 16th. Because that is my last week still in class we had to push it to week 7 on March 23. I can't wait!!


Anonymous said...

That is so great, Tiffany!! SOOO happy for you!!

Holly said...

oh wow those hcG numbers are HIGH!!! I think there is definitely a chance that you have 2 little beans in there! Can't wait to hear about your u/s!

Bridget said...

AWESOME news! Can't wait to hear how many cupcakes are in your oven!

Fertility Chick said...

Woohoo!!! Exciting!! :)

Lindsay Logic said...

That's great news! It sounds like you might indeed have more than one! :) I bet you can hardly stand the suspense! (At least this time it's good suspense!!!)

Sharoni said...

YAY! Congratulations, how exciting : )

Waiting Lisa said...

WOW. How exciting!!!

Shanny said...

Wow, wow, wow!!! that's a fantastic number Tiffany!!! Congrats on them =)

It seems like I just might have company in my multiple's club.....

Kim said...

Awesome numbers!!! And how great to be acknowledged hunh?! It's your turn to shine honey!!!!Enjoy. xoxoxoxoxoxoxox