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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

1st Ultrasound

Well there it is! Our ONE little cupcake!!
Our appointment today was amazing. I could see it right away when the camera went in. I could also spot the little flutter of the heart beating right away. I had to point it out to hubs, but then he could see it. It was so amazing. It is such a relief knowing that there is a healthy little baby with a heart beat in my uterus!
The doc did look around to see if there was another one, or to see if there was anything else going on in my tubes or my ovaries. There wasn't. All clean! She did say however that I most definitely did ovulate from more than one follicle, however there was only one that fertilized. "Just how we like to start off" as my doc said to us. We had talked about the possibility of there being more than one so much that I think we had almost talked ourselves into it, however, I do think there was a sigh of relief on hubs face to know there was just one.
The estimated due date is...November 10th! We'll have a little baby for the holidays!
As for now I'm to continue taking Metformin until week 12, and continue all other pre-natals. It was a bitter sweet appointment today, as it was our last appointment with Dr. Miracle Worker. She has released us back to my regular Ob. I have already called and got an appointment set for next week on Wednesday. Maybe they'll let me see my baby again with another ultrasound!! I can only hope!!


Sheri said...


Ashley said...

That is so exciting, Tiffany! So happy for you! Maybe instead of borrowing my socks that weren't so lucky, maybe I can borrow your's for my next egg retrieval? :)

Holly said...

Wow what a beautiful sight! I am so happy for you and excited to follow along in your pregnancy journey!

Roxanne said...

Tiffany sooo happy and excited for you and the Hubby!! One perfect baby!! November is just around the corner!! :)

Lisa said...

I am so happy for you, really and truley.

Shanny said...

Yay for a great ultrasound!!!! I'm sooo happy for you girl, sooo happy =)

Bridget said...

Wonderful news! Cherish each moment Tiffany!

Lindsay said...

Yay, congrats! So exciting!