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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hell No We Won't Flow!

Ahh. It's so unbelievable to wake up at the end of your 2ww and not have AF waiting for you!! I must say in the last two days I've been worried.
First off, my CM has been out of control. I mean, there were MANY times yesterday when I felt so much moisture down there that I freaked out and ran to the bathroom thinking that AF had started, and it had all been a chemical pregnancy. I can't tell you how frightening that still is for me.
Second, I've been having cramping. And no, I guess it's not exactly like period cramping, it's felt more like a tightness, but it's still worry some. Plus, sometimes I feel like it's tight more toward one side so I'm currently freaking out that it would be ectopic.
The one thing I have learned through this whole process is once and infertile...always an infertile. You will always triple guess, think the negative, and plan for failure. It's all we know. But just in case....I did have to check up on my pee

Pfew...see what I mean about triple check?
For now I have to wait till Friday. Because of a new career move, I've started Real Estate classes this week. My schedule is mon-thur 8am-5:30. Very exhausting. Therefore, I won't be able to get to my RE until Friday. Yesterday when I called the office it sounded like this, "Um, Hi good morning. This is Tiffany ***** and I got, well three positive pregnancy tests and this has never happened before so I don't know what to do." The lady, "Well you'll come in for blood work. If you come before 10 we'll have the results for you by the end of the day." Me," Well, I actually have started class and can't come until Friday. Is that ok? Will something be wrong if I wait?" Her (in a very weird voice, thinking like, shouldn't this girl want to drop everything for a positive pregnancy test) said, "Sure you can wait, YOU can do what ever you like. If you want to come Friday, I'll mark you down Friday." Me,"Ok great, what time?" Her, "Um, whenever, in the morning." Me (annoyed) "OK....I'll be there right at 9 then.
It kills me that I have to wait that long, but I do. It kills me that I have to sit in a 9 hour class everyday, but I do. Infertility always gets the last laugh......this month (because the fact that I AM now unemployed and I am starting a new career) would have actually made sense if I didn't get pregnant. We could have said timing was off, and now I'll have more time to build up my business. But NOPE...Infertility says "You're out of work, laid off, your in training....what a perfect time to get you knocked up!


Kim said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!! Congratulations Tiffany!!!! What a lovely post, I am thrilled!!! Yes the timing is the funny part - but somehow it's perfect timing even if it's not clear why yet. Can't wait til Friday either!!!

Just Me...C said...

Love the triple check! Been there, done that! Hang in there, Friday will come soon enough! Also, congrats on the new career. I been licensed since 2004 and absolutely love it.

Ms. J said...

New follower =) Congrats on your pregnancy!! That's so exciting!!!

Holly said...

I haven't been blessed with a BFP yet but I have no doubt that when it happens I will be every bit as obsessed with the triple check. I am just so so happy for you! Can't wait to hear about your beta on Friday!

Roxanne said...

Such perfect timing!! Your updates keep me inspired!! Soo happy for you :)

Ashley said...

Tiffany that is so exciting! I know I will do the same thing when I get a BFP. I am sure I will pee on numerous tests just because I can FINALLY make the test positive. :) Hoping the week goes by quickly for you!!

Shanny said...

You don't want to see my collection of pee sticks, disgustingly I still have them lol
And I still have some unused ones, wonder what I'll do with those.....

Waiting Lisa said...

I had a busy week and I can't believe I missed out on this amazing news!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am so happy for you!