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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Congratulations! You're Sick As Hell!

See that picture...it's my stomach...and it's laughing at me. It is playing mind games to the worst degree, it is teasing me, it is calling me names, and it is totally beating me to a pulp.
It's hard be believe at one point, I cried, and yearned and wanted this to happen so badly. I know, I am still so lucky, and so blessed, and would never ask for things to be different but ............ Oh sorry, I just dry heaved.
So I'm 6.5 weeks in and I'm feeling miserable, so I guess that means, I'm doing great! All day long there is a constant battle between my mind and my stomach. The game usually starts with a crampy, upset, nausea feeling. Then I'll get a craving of some kind. Then all of a sudden it's like if I don't get that certain food in my stomach right now, I'm just going to hurl all over the place. So then, once I finally give in, and eat whatever food I'm craving, all of a sudden I feel like I'm back to wanting to puke and even the thought of that certain food will make me gag. So then I try and sleep it off, and 3 or 4 hours later when I start to get hungry, the cycle repeats itself. All - day - long.
So far the best cure I've found for my stomach battle has been sleep. I'm so tired. I've been going to bed around 8 or 8:30pm, and sleeping until about 7 or 7:30. So that's about 11 hours sleep a night. Plus you can add in a couple hour naps throughout the day. What a slug I am.
But of course, I'm not complaining...oh no...I couldn't do that...I'm just documenting my experiences. Hubs and I are getting SOOO excited for our u/s on Tuesday. The closer it gets here the more scared I'm becoming. I'm so scared there won't be a heart beat or it will be ectopic. I know I just keep saying the same thing but the closer the day gets here the fear is becoming almost paralyzing. Only 3 more days!


Kim said...

Oh honey, just because we would do anything to get pregnant doesnt mean we don;t have the right to complain. It doesn't lesson what your experiencing. Unfortunately we are not immune!!!!

My acupuncture lady keeps telling em acu is good for morning sickness. It's just 5 needles in certain places and she said it gets rid of it. Just food for thought (no pun intended) ;)

Hope your feeling better soon and hope the next 3 days passes by super fast for you.


Waiting Lisa said...

I would take it as a good sign! That everything is moving along well. And hopefully you will be feeling better soon. I hear the second trimester is a lot better :)

Helena said...

I'm excited for you but sad that the most happy days of your life have to be spent so miserably!

Holly said...

don't feel like a slug for sleeping so much, it takes a lot of rest to grow a person! Hope you feel better soon and your brain can win the fight with your stomach!

Shanny said...

Sorry you are feeling sick but if it makes you feel any better I feel the same, so we are in this together :) {or is it this :-/..?}... either way, this is exactly why I have been a bad bloggy friend and haven't been commenting.
Oh and just so you know, I had one day of feeling really good and instead of enjoying the day I spent the whole day worrying about why I wasn't sick... so its hard to win with us lol