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Monday, April 18, 2011

Fun With Stickers (No I don't play with stickers...usually)

One of the many reasons I am so glad I started this blog is for documentation purposes. I must admit I am HORRIBLE at keeping up with things like journals and baby books and memories stuff. I was horrible about it during my engagement, wedding, and pregnancy. Now with my baby I've really tried to get on the ball with documenting memories and milestones.

My saving grace has been this calendar I received as a gift. It's really stupid but it came with about 30 or so convenient stickers to help document milestones. For example there is a sticker for first smile, first trip, first steps, etc. Also, hubs and I are trying to write down a little something for each day of the year.

Well here's the funny part. I am finding that they left out a few stickers for very important milestones.

For example: Where is my sticker for First Time Baby Finds His Penis.

Also, I appreciate the sticker for First Tooth, but where is the sticker after that for, First Bite On Mom's Nipple?

Or, First Blow Out To Reach Your Neck

I would also like a First Fart That Smells sticker.

After this evening I am in the market for the sticker to document First Time Baby Kicks Daddy In The Balls.

What stickers would you need?



FirstTimeMom said...

hahaha I'm totally cracking up! Alex hasn't found his penis yet but everyone keeps saying "just wait!"

We've had a blowout to the neck so I'd need that one. And smelly farts. Haha.

Cherbear said...


Jess said...