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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'll buy you a toy if you poop.

Is it too early to start bribing my kid?

3 days on rice cereal and still no poop. He has had pretty loud massive gassy farts, but no prize. Poor guy.

Thanks for your comments again. Tonight we are moving on to oatmeal and here's to hoping that will help get things moving for him. I know they say to introduce new foods like one week or two weeks at a time or something, but I'm pretty confident that if B would be allergic to the rice, he would have showed symptoms by now.

So oats tonight and praying for a poop.

Napping: He still doesn't understand why he is supposed to sleep when his arms are free. It's getting better, i.e. shorter crying periods and longer stints of sleep. But by no means does he have any clue on what he is doing, I think by now he is just exhausted and gives up the fight.

Plus, someone needs to come tell me to stop being an idiot and trying to shower, wash my hair, AND shave my legs while I'm sleep training for naps. I've been running in and out of the shower having to lather down and lather up my legs. Dummy.



♥Sarah♥ said...

You are so funny, and I look forward to posting about stuff like this in the future. I had heard it was hard to break them of the swaddling so I think for my sanity I will just not swaddle, but who knows how I will feel once the baby is here.

♥Sarah♥ said...

Oh and a friend of mine down the street has a almost 3 month old that goes 4+ days sometimes between pooping. So her doctor suggested giving her prune juice, and it seems to have helped a lot. She hasn't started on solids though, so this might not be any help at all.