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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Few More Lessons

I have learned:

- If I need my baby to wake up, all I must do is make myself a meal. As soon as I sit down to eat it, he awakes, like magic. (At least he is helping me take off the baby weight!)

- The nature behind a blowout occurring depends solely on the position of the buttock during the dumpage, not the size of the load.

- It is IMPOSSIBLE to fold a fitted sheet. Even if it is crib size.

- The worst question you could ask me when I get back into bed AFTER I have crawled out of bed in the middle of the night to change a poopy diaper, re-swaddle, feed, and soothe a crying baby back to sleep is, "How is he?" What? Now? How is he now? You ask me how he is now? Well now he is perfectly fine! 30 minutes ago is a different story. How convenient that you would like to know how he is now. (I say with love)

- There is no feeling in the world that compares to the deepest love I have for this precious boy of mine!

"Here dogs, you can play too!" Kisses are wet!
Always smiling, and here laughing.
In Love
Melt my heart!



FirstTimeMom said...

* Alex does that too.....EVERY time I get a hot plate of food he wakes up to eat :( I've learned that having hubby cook while I feed Alex dinner is ready by the time Alex is done eating so I can eat while the food is still hot.

* I have learned that too about the blowouts.

* I'm laughing about the fitted sheet. I had NO clue how to fold one before my Mom showed me how. I would just roll them up :) But while there is a way to fold a fitted sheet it still sucks trying to fold a crib sheet.....they're so small! Here's a video by a MAN showing you how to do it if you care to look.

* I TOTALLY agree that that is the worst question when you didn't even offer to help before! Like, omg, do you have such little cofidence in my mothering skills that I would just let our child be miserable and then come back to bed!? Geez! My DH does this all the time. Or he asks "was that a fart" or "did he just poop" or something OBVIOUS. It frustrates me to no end.

Your little guy is SO cute!!! Thank you for sharing pictures. He's absolutely adorable :)

Mommy-In-Waiting said...

He is so handsome, I love the pics of him with the dogs! I enjoyed your lessons, too funny!

Cherbear said...

all your pics are always great, but this last one, TALK about melting my heart!!! He seems to have such a fun little personality. :)

Jess said...

He is the cutest!