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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

My kid pooped. My kid pooped 3 times.

Which means I had to practice the art of follow-through. Yes, I did go buy my kid a toy. (I know, I know he has no sense of what's going on.) But still it is good practice for me. I know as a parent, you can't say one thing and do another. (Hence all of "those" mom's who tell their kid they will count to 3 or else....well I think those mom's are still out there counting.) So anyway, since I said I would buy him a toy if he pooped, B is the proud new owner of 99c plastic toy keys.

Another oh happy day moment: B put himself to sleep unswaddled. He talked, then whined, then cried for about 2 minutes and fell asleep. Progress. Now, since then he's woke himself up twice and required a paci. But hey, we're getting there.

Day 2 of oatmeal tonight. Oh happy day!


1 comment:

FirstTimeMom said...

Yay for poop and yay for successful sleep training :)