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Sunday, April 17, 2011

An update, and "I would never be like that!"

I am exhausted.

I am not even tired from nights. Nights are still decent because I am still swaddling. I think the cereal is keeping him full longer too. He's been sleeping about a 12 hour stretch with waking to eat once, sometimes twice, but he is so easy. Wake up, 3 to 5 minutes on boob, back to sleep. Ahh night's are good.

Naps however, are miserable. The poor thing really has no idea why he's laying in his crib with these annoying limbs that keep jerking him awake. Then when he does startle and wake up, he starts hysterically crying because he thinks someone just scared him and now he is laying there alone, scared, and awake. I've tried letting him cry it out, I've tried staying crib level and just putting my hand through the railings to paci and rub belly, I've tried keeping him awake as long as possible to really try and tire him out...........but nothing will get him napping for more than 25-30 minutes. We are all so tired.

Has anyone had to train their baby to sleep un-swaddled? Any tips? Please!

Now to what I find funny. I took my first day trip to the park on Friday. Holy hell that place is an infertiles worst nightmare. Bumps and babies everywhere. It definitely made me take a moment (as I often do) and be so thankful.

Anyway....You know we've all said the, "When I'm a mom I would never be like that" or said the very comforting, "My kids won't be like that." But you really never know what you'd do until..well you know...walked a mile in someone else's shoes.

However, I really had to say I WOULD NEVER BE LIKE THAT when I saw some of these mothers. I mean I know I don't have multiple children and I do not know what stress that brings but I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. One mother was pushing her 3 year old on the swing while she just let her 10 month old scream and cry and ball his eyes out while crawling toward her in the mulch getting wood chips and bark all up in and on his clothes. Poor guy. Then there was the mother who just sat as she watched her kid cry out "I want my mommy" in the middle of the play ground and didn't do anything to console him. Other mothers started acting worried and were trying to help him find his mom and still she just sat there sipping her coffee. Unreal.

Last thought. I know I have a big baby. I know he's a big boy. I know this because he is MINE and I am at all the dr. appointments when they tell me he is in the 86th percentile for height and the 74th for weight. I know all this and I love it. He is big, strong and healthy. Go boobs right?! Well let me tell you what I don't need to hear, "You're kid is HUGE!" Huge? Really? Do you really need to use that word? Can't you just say he is a big boy. Or, he is big boy for his age. But huge? Why does that word just piss me off?

Maybe next time I'll just say back what I feel, "Well thanks, and your kid looks unkempt with boogies down to her knees and her hair in a knot." How do you think that would go over?



FirstTimeMom said...

Ugh! Sorry naps are still so unsuccessful :( I hope he gets the hang of it soon. I know how frustrating sleep training can be although I have no solutions to getting them to sleep well unswaddled. I haven't tried it yet. If Alex is sleeping unswaddled he's in his swing.

And OMG at those parents/kids at the playground. Makes me sick how some parents treat their kids. And wow, who the heck told you your baby is huge and WHY!? Why do fertiles think they can say whatever they want and get away with it! A friend of mine's kid IS huge but I would never tell HER that! B is totally not huge. Like you said, he's healthy and strong, that is all. Certainly NOT huge. He's adorable and healthy and it's all because of booby milk so you should totally be proud of that. It's comments like that and the unsolicited advice you get when you become a mother that really irks me. What gives fertiles the right to be so inappropriate!?

Cherbear said...

I would probably say back "YOU'RE huge!" LOL I know that's way too mean...but it's funny right?

Waiting Lisa said...

I have no nap advice. I still suck at it. The only thing I can say is when they have the ability to roll from back to front and sleep on their belly, it helps. That is the only way Jay will sleep.

But, still, even with the belly sleeping, the only way to get him to take a long nap is if he's sleeping in bed next to me (sometimes we rest together, haha) or on my chest. It's awful. He will scream if we put him in his packnplay..he won't sleep long in his crib during the day. The whole thing is a disaster.

I hear ya- I get opposite comments about Jay's size. He weighs only a little over 15 lbs.

alisa said...

I think it's only because sometimes people associate "huge" with obese. Inreality it only means "really big". I've often described my very tall daughter as huge, and I don't find it offensive at all