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Saturday, January 9, 2010

The 1 Week Wait

"What? What is she talking about?" You ask, "Doesn't she mean the 2 week wait?"

No, this post is dedicated to the 1WW (or at least that's what I'm calling it) because I believe it doesn't get nearly a loud enough voice. The 1WW I am referring too is roughly the time between your period ending, and ovulation. It is during this time I believe any infertile goes a little nuts and is totally obsessed with her infertility (even if you're doing IVF because at this point you're still hoping for those follicle babies to grow grow grow)!

There are many factors at this point. The biggest is, "To sex, or not to sex?" That is the ultimate question. Naturally, because you're a true infertile you know exactly how many hours your DH needs between "deposits" to create the most efficient currency. (Yes, you know this because he's been tested....multiple times.) Therefore you question, should you do it today, or wait and do it tomorrow then in two days after that? Uhg. Plus you get this mythical fear that you don't want him to "waste" it. Which obviously is a fear unnecessary to have.

Another factor at this point in your cycle is how consumed you are with what "day" it is. True story: I was asked once what the date was. I responded, "It is day 17." (Weird look on face) "Wait no it's the 9th, today is the 9th"

A third factor is your obsession with nailing down precisely when you're ovulating. (Even though you have ultrasounds scheduled so you're RE will be able to tell you, you still need to use you're own methods just in case.) So there you are, every morning, taking your temperature. Unfortunately, due to the night sweats you're having from the chlomid, so far this month your temp says you've ovulated 3 times already and it's only day 10. However you press on every morning-you're determined to find some consistency in this bar graph that looks more like an EKG rhythm strip.

The last factor in nailing down when you're ovulating is an ovulation kit. Well aren't those fun. When you do detect your LH surge you get a positive! Two lines! Or in the case of a digital test you even get a smiley face! Oh boy, how exciting. Don't be alarmed if you find yourself at the store buying another kit just to take all 7 tests and get all 7 positives. You just love feeling proud of yourself. It's natural. Just don't tell your DH how expensive those little buggers are.

So, as you can see the 1WW can be just as time consuming, overwhelming, and as miserable as the 2WW. Go forth! Continue to check your calendar every 10 minutes, your temp every day, buy those ovulation kits in bulk, and put time minimums and maximums on your DH. You're not crazy, you're just an infertile!


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