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Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Full History

So Let's start at the beginning, as shameful as it may be. 15 years of age, what a perfect time to start on OC's, you know, for the cramps. Do you remember those days? The days when you thought becoming pregnant would ruin your world, when you would do anything and everything to prevent pregnancy: pee right after, use a condom and pull out, you know, all those scientifically proven methods of BC. Well now we just look back and laugh, who knew it would be this hard? Or scarier yet, impossible? And of course your mother thinks you're an infertile because you've been on OC's for most your life....which is not true, not at all true. So if you've been on the pill, don't take the guilt pill, it's ok.

So there I am in college in my early twenties. At this point I have moved on to the second loser in my relationship history (or as my family calls him Butthead, first there was Bevis of course). Thinking at that point my life was set, I felt like I had the world by the balls, nothing could get me down until.....I became a statistic. (At this point I feel my mother cringing) I was feeling pain, down there, and had a check up. Chlamydia. I had chlamydia. Are you kidding me? Seriously? How gross. I felt gross, dirty actually. I felt like the nurses looked at me like "ew, don't touch her". The humility was almost unbearable. The upside? Treatment was a breeze. 7 days of antibiotics, oh and a shot, but then gone for good. Right? Yes, the bacteria was gone, but the shame follows me to this day. What also follows me is the Dr.'s words that day telling me this could have caused me to be INFERTILE! What? Really? What I have now come to find out years later, which is something I want any girl to know out there who may have gone through this, is that the word "infertile" is a term, it is a category, a condition you have. It in no way means you will never get pregnant!! Oh do I wish someone would have told me that then. When you are an infertile it's a condition just as if you had hypertension. It means you will need medicine and extra care, it does not mean you will die tomorrow.

Fast forward a few years and I meet my DH. After two years of dating and that oh so fun "I may never be able to get pregnant" talk he still wants to marry me. Wow. So we marry. Honey, I love you.

Meanwhile, after meeting "the one" I decide to go off the pill. How exciting right?! Well, 6 mo. and no period. Went to OB, she says nothing. I break up with my OB. Find new OB, does tests, and ultrasound and here it is diagnosis #1 PCOS. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a condition that suppresses ovulation because of cysts on the ovaries. How do you get it? It's not sure but it mostly effects overweight women with insulin resistance. GREAT! I have a problem that obese diabetics have. Sweet! The irony here, I'm not overweight, and do not have diabetes in my family.

We find a RE. Which will be a whole different post in itself. Finding the right RE for you is so important. She tests my DH sperm. Low count. S$!t. (However I must say there was a slight relief that I wasn't the only one with problems as bad as that may sound). Semen re-test. High count and great motility. WaHooo! (However I must say again that I was slightly upset that yet again it has been confirmed that I am the only one with problems).

Let the Chlomid begin... (not to be confused with chlamydia)


p.s. Here's a list of just a few things to remember as you begin your infertility journey
1. Everybody on Facebook is pregnant.
2. The best Doctor is Dr. Google. Any symptom you have, he will say you might be pregnant.
3. I hear it helps to go outside, look up in the sky, and wave your arms. Obviously the problem must be that your stork is lost and you need to flag him down.
4. Stop buying pee sticks. The kind you buy never have two lines.
5. Ask for a dollar from anyone who inquires when you and your DH will have a baby. In two months you will saved up enough for all your infertility needs.
6. During an ultrasound you will be full of joy and cry happy tears. Not because you see or hear your baby, but because you see a follicle.
7. You will start turning your friends down for social engagements. Just use this, "We can't this weekend, we have to save up to buy our baby, sorry."
8. You will find yourself being jealous of the nurse at the semen analysis clinic. It's natural, you're sure her ovaries are just perfect.

1 comment:

Mrs. S. said...

Tiffany! First off congrats on the baby! And second, I just went in and got all my blood work done and they are having my husband do the semen analysis of couse, i know the insurance doesn't cover it, and they said around $300, if you don't mind me asking is that around what you guys had to pay? Congrats again!