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Friday, January 15, 2010

We pick it up in a what?

Leaving our appointment today we have many mixed emotions. Besides the frustration of having a 2pm appointment but not being seen until 3pm, we are mixed with happy, sad, excitement and nervousness.
In our appointment today we were able to see the follicles growing. This is my third round of chlomid and the highest dosage I've taken, I guess I was really expected to see like 12 of them or something. What we found was none on the left side, and two on the right. I know, I know...you only need one. Yet I guess I was just a little disappointed.
We have decided to go for the IUI this month without a trigger shot. So that means I am to detect my own LH surge at home and notify my RE the morning I do so. The following day we will have an appointment for the DH to make a "withdrawal" followed two hours later by the deposit into me. What happens in those two hours is what really turns up the romance in your relationship. After the withdrawal is washed, separated, scrubbed, manicured, pedicured and blow dried, it is then put into a "thermos" like container. At that point we get to take our little bro's for a car ride with us to the RE's office to then be deposited into mommy. How hilarious. Do we need a car seat for these little guys? I mean is there a law against this? "Driving with too many passengers" or something?
Knowing that our child could possibly be conceived this month is beyond amazing feeling. Knowing that it could happen when there are 3+ people in the room is even more unbelievable. haha.
Here's to being optimistic! Let the surge be with you! (Or with me, at least for the time being)

1 comment:

Shanny said...

Ha! when I did my first IUI I was the driver and my hubby was carrying our precious cargo, I was nervous driving over bumps and what not, as if it would change the "lil guys" results or something.

I'm wishing you lots of luck, I know the disappointment of only 2 follies, even if we know we only need 1. And yes, let the surge be with you =)