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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

They're in there!

First off I have to tell you. As I was searching for a picture for this post I was looking for images using search words "girls with legs up." WOW! Did I get a treat with that search. I will be more conscious next time in what might be popping up on my computer screen.
The IUI was completed today with ease. The DH had a great deposit. In fact it was the richest deposit yet. We picked up our little guys in our thermos which was regulated to body temperature, and we made it to the office for a save arrival.
The 2WW begins.
I know logically that there isn't much I can do at this point to help the process. Well, nothing besides what I'm already doing: taking pre-natals, tacking vitamins, taking metformin, not drinking, cutting down on caffeine, and not running as much as I used to everyday. However, I find myself afraid of making any quick movements. I feel the need to be horizontal all day. I get nervous to pee, or scarier yet I don't want to have to push out a number two. You know, I'm afraid to squeeze the little guys out or something. I'm I ridiculous? (Don't answer that.)
The best part was when our RE left the room and suddenly popped back in just to let us know, "you can still make some home deposits as well!" To see the smile on the DH's face was precious.
So now everything is back to normal for a week then I go in to get my blood tested for my progesterone levels. Because of all the meds I've been on they need to make sure my levels are high enough to sustain a pregnancy. That will be next Wednesday.
Until then I'll mourn for morning sickness. Am I a masochist? No, just an infertile!


LaurenKauf said...

Like your Blog, like your style!!! Saw you over on kate's blog (Busted Plumbing). Good Luck with the 2ww!!

Shanny said...

Good luck!!!
You are totally not ridiculous, I had the same thought after my IUI about peeing or straining myself in any way. Sit back and relax!.... and stop looking for x-rated pics lol

And if you do make home deposits, have fun =)

Fertility Chick said...

LOL at the Google results. Been there, done that!! Wishing you lots of luck and sending lots of good vibes for the 2ww!

Bridget said...

Good luck! I can't wait to hear the results!

PCOSChick said...

Lots of baby dust coming your way!