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Thursday, January 21, 2010

A letter of thanks, to future Baby

Dear Our Future Baby,
First off, we want you to know that Mommy and Daddy already love you so very much. We want to say thank you.
Thank you little follies for growing in such hormonal turmoil. Even through high testosterone levels and pcos, you still grew big enough for mommy to have her LH surge. Thanks. To the fellas, thank you for recruiting so many of your friends to come out to play. It was a cold dreary day but you still came out with your game faces on. Daddy really appreciates it. Thank you for hanging in there during the bumpy ride to the doc's office. You hung on tight, you sure are strong. Thank you for so courageously going into mommy so easily. We know how awkward it must have been with all those people in the room. Thank you for not being shy. Egg/eggs, thank you for letting daddy in to your life, just as mommy did years ago. Trust me, you'll be happy with your decision. Finally thank you, through all this, deciding to stick with mommy. We're so glad you chose to have a nine month uterus party.
Boy, we really love ya kid. Thanks!
Love, Mommy and Daddy

1 comment:

Shanny said...

Awww, this was sweet =)