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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Breaking my Blog Cherry

Welcome to my blogspot and my first official post ever! First off I'd like to share my reasons for starting a blog as there are two.

First, and most important, I hope to share laughs and lessons learned. Since the beginning of my infertility battle (which feels like 20yrs) I have learned so much through following fellow ttc friends (sweet, I get to use acronyms now that I'm a blogger) on their blogspots. Knowing what to expect going into a HSG and understanding that I'm not alone in being obsessed with the TP after I wipe, or touching my nipples hoping for tenderness has given me so much comfort, and the strength to go on. I just hope to help another young infertile out there. Yup that's me, changing the world one infertile at a time.

Second, and most selfish, I am hoping to find this therapeutic. Because I'm a no patience, need to know now, constantly worrying kind of gal, I hope to find peace in putting my feelings, issues, and struggles out there. Also, I hope to find my sarcasm, wit and sometimes wacky behavior (it must be the hormones) keeping me and my DH (acronyms again) laughing.

As of now I'm not even sure who I will tell about this blog. Maybe when I'm ready to really face reality I will let my beloved friends and family in on my new blog. Until then it's just between you and me mr. worldwideweb.


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