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Friday, June 18, 2010

And it's only going to get bigger?

First off no, that is not a belly pic of me. lol But I'm sure you already figured that out.
I'm having one of those days. It's one of those days where I'm feeling blah, and it seems like everything is getting more difficult. And just when I embrace my new body and think, "oh, well this can be kinda cute" then I totally realize that "this" will only be "this" for a few more days until it gets bigger. I'm having a hard time really understanding the fact that I'm only getting bigger.
Plus, on top of that I FEEL HORRIBLE that I'm even getting down, or complaining about getting bigger. I realize how selfish that seems. "Didn't you want this Tiffany?" "Didn't you hope, and dream, and wish, and pray for this?" YES! I know I did and I'm so blessed and couldn't be happier. I know there are millions of women who would love to complain about getting bigger and not have to complain about their next RE appointment. I know, and I'm sorry I feel like this, I feel guilty.
It is just crazy how one week and outfit can look great on me, then the next week I can't quit button it all the way up. It's frustrating that I can no longer shave my legs in our stand up shower because I can't get my leg high enough because my belly is playing defense. It's plain old yucky feeling when I sit down without a bra on that I can feel my boobs rest on my belly. Finally, it's depressing that I feel like I'm the only woman in history that is carrying her baby: not high like a girl, or not low like a boy, but in the ass like a freak.
Anyone know a good store for freaky ass baby carrying pants? Thanks and have a great weekend!


Amber said...

You crack me up! Yes, I'd kill to complain about getting bigger... but you know what? I know I'd be complaining too! Who can blame you? :)

Ass-baby... so wrong! Haha!

Anonymous said...

Aw I'm sorry. You shouldn't feel quily though for how you feel. This is your blog. But I understand how you feel. Anytime I'm cranky because I can't sleep and am so nauseated I feel guilty for even thinking about complaining. But at least you are half way there to meeting your baby! :)

Melissa said...

Is that a picture of a woman having twins? Her belly is huge!!! I'm 35 weeks and mines half that size haha!

Kim said...

Your pic cracked me up, you poor honey. I bet it feels that way though....I'd be breaking out the moo's moo's already (a line dresses that have room for tummy growth) It must be so uncomfortable! xoxoxoxo

Lindsay Logic said...

Can you use Nair while you're pregnant? Or veet? Maybe that could take care of the leg-shaving dilemma. (Not sure if it's safe, though. Lol :))

At least you can wear cute beach dresses. I think summer clothes that are loose look so cute on pregnant women!

I'm with the above poster- it's your blog- you can complain on it!