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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Trial Run

Last night we babysat our dear friends 2 year old daughter as they were in the hospital giving birth to their second daughter. It was our first over-night with a toddler. (Well, it was my husband first over night with one....but it has been many years since I babysat as well.)
We had a ball and Natalie (2yr old) did great. Actually, since she played with our dogs so well, and kept herself busy with them, there were times we jokes that we could just leave and have the dogs babysit!
Needless to say, I'm still exhausted. She slept great through the night, spending the whole night in her own bed, however I did not sleep so great. I was up every few hours wondering if I heard her or not. Plus, even when she was playing there was still a heightened awareness I kept the entire day just making sure she wasn't getting into anything.
Man, oh man, it really made me thankful and made me realize that babies come out babies for a reason. There is a reason that when they first come out they can't move anywhere on their own. As good and as easy as Natalie is, it's nice to know that when my baby comes we will have a few years to ease into the toddler stage. Phew.
Baby sister Addison was born Monday morning and is as healthy as can be. It's truly amazing to think I have one of those growing my belly right now!


Ashley said...

You're so lucky that she liked your dog! My niece and nephew are terrified of mine and I have 3 of them!!! (one in the house)
Hope you get to rest today!!!

Shanny said...

Aww I'm glad it went great, except for the being tired part... but that comes with the natural worries. Yay for the trial run though =)

Helena said...

It'll be so great with your own and you are right, it's good they are born helpless. You will have plenty of time to get comfortable with your baby before the toddler stage!

Kate said...

HI Tiffany. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Congrats on your little bean! So exciting. I see you live in Ohio...me too, we live in Akron. I look forward to hearing all about your pregnancy and baby! Our due dates are like 2 days apart. :-) Here's to November babes. By the way, your wedding pics are BEAUTIFUL!!!

Shanny said...

Hey, back again. This totally has nothing to do with the post, I was just wondering if you received the iPod cozy? I hope it didn't get lost or something. Thanks =)