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Monday, June 28, 2010

Granny Panties

Well it has been turned on......The electro-magnetic force field that connects hands to pregnant bellies has been turned on within my uterus....the force is with me.
This past weekend we traveled to Columbus for family filled events. We went to the 3rd wedding of my FIL (insert the what the f**k face here), a cookout with old friends, the baptism of my nephew as well as my good friend's son, and an entire office get-together of my husband's firm. Phew, there were many hands to feel a stomach.
This whole phenomenon of the "must touch" on a pregnant belly actually doesn't bother me like I thought it would. I know some woman can't stand it and feel very violated, yet others just absolutely love it. I, however, am in the middle and indifferent on the whole issue.
The one unfortunate thing that I did become awkwardly aware of is exactly what all these people were feeling. You see, when I look down and touch my belly I just kind of pat the top portion of it. It seems when most people come in for the feel they go right in the middle, and kind of low. Well after a few people had had their feel I decided to put my hand down there to see exactly what they were feeling................and there it was................my GRANNY PANTIE LINE!!
I was kind of mortified. Ha ha ha...I mean of course no one would say aww, I feel your underwear, but I'm sure they did. I was totally busted. So I guess I now have to put comfort aside for these family occasions, or at least not pull my granny panties up to my belly button.
Ahh, but who doesn't love the comfort of those big ole undies that look like a grocery sack with two leg holes?


Amber said...

Okay, I can't claim to relate to this, but WOW did it crack me up!! ;) Thank you for sharing!

Lindsay Logic said...

You are hilarious! This post cracked me up! "big ole undies that look like a grocery sack with two leg holes"- could there be a more perfect description? I'm glad you're in your granny panties, because that means your little baby is growing well! :)

Ashley said...

Haha! I love it. Your description of granny panties fits perfectly! :)

Ashley said...

This is hysterical! Hey--if someone wants to violate your personal space, then they should be the ones who feel awkward touching the granny panties!!! :)

Just Me...C said...

Hilarious! I can't even imagine the look on your face after realizing the person touching your belly made that discovery!

Gurlee said...

Ha! That is so funny. Wait until the baby starts kicking the waistband!

Kim said...

You are such a trip!!! I love it! At least we can laugh at ourselves right?! Thanks for the smiles, as always!

Krissi said...

That's too funny! You made me laugh out loud! I would love to feature your IF success story! (Not sure if I asked you that but you know, I thought I'd mention it again!) Let me know if you'd be interested!