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Friday, July 2, 2010

WARNING! Lot's of Baby stuff and my first Belly Picture

I am currently at 21.5weeks and apparently all you have to do is bi*ch and complain about not feeling your baby kick to get things moving. It's true! It wasn't but a few days after my post about not feeling much movement that Bradley started kicking all the time! Plus, he's even kicking strong enough that Daddy can feel it! It's so amazing!
So I thought I'd post some of my favorite (ok, ONLY) baby stuff I have. Also, I figured it's time to let my belly hang out in all it's glory for my bloggy friends to see.
Here is a pic of the Father's Day gift I got hubs and it's laying on our nursery bedding.

Here's a close up of the bib that actually matches the bedding.

My saving grace with buying boy clothes is the doggy theme. I love it. Here's a newborn set we're thinking of bringing Bradley home from the hospital in.

Who doesn't love mommy?

Woof! I love a zip up hoody!


Baby's first velour!!!

This one also has a tiger on it's butt!

Bradley's first play set. $7 bucks at a garage sale. Kilo is investigating.

Graco pack 'n play with napper and changer. Why is this my favorite? Because it's the first thing we've received off our registry. Wahoo!

There she is in all her glory.

Just in case you wanted a front view.


sarah p said...

oh my gosh, you are still tiny!! love all the cute stuff for baby boy!

Littlest True Blue said...

cute belly and cute clothes! You have tons already! I guess once you know the sex its no holds barred! 3 weeks and I'll finally know! You look great!

Holly said...

aww cute clothes and cute belly! And so exciting about feeling baby kicking. That is amazing :)

Lindsay Logic said...

Buying baby stuff is so much fun! I love the belly pics. You are still a mini!

Amber said...

Awwwwww so exciting! I'm so happy for you!

Kate said...

So cute Tiffany! Love the belly shots! :-) By the way...I read your undies post...love it. I have to tell you I bought the hipsters at motherhood and I LOVE THEM. They fit under your belly and so far so good! http://www.motherhood.com/Product.asp?Product_Id=995450133&MasterCategory_Id=MC14

Waiting Lisa said...

Very cute belly pics.

Love the puppy clothes.

Excellent garage sale deal you got. You can get so many awesome things from garage sales for super cheap. I have found a lot of clothes that look new.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh you are so tiny! I'm jealous. :) you look great and I love all of the clothes you have. So cute!

Shanny said...

Cute outfits!!!!
You look great too, I'm jealous =)

Anonymous said...

Hey we bought a lot of the same outfits for our little guys! And umm why are you smaller than me and I'm over a week behind you?!