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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Theory: Get As Big As You Want

I've been thinking, and I have a completely new perspective on pregnancy weight. I have invented my own THEORY!
For your first pregnancy: GET AS BIG AS YOU WANT!
Justifications: Ok so why have I been thinking about this? Well most likely it is because I used to workout everyday, pretty hard core. It was my job. Also I, for many years, had been very disciplined on what I hate...very disciplined. Well....as soon as I found out I was pregnant all of that went out the window. It started first with the exercise, which I cut way back on during our time of ttc, and then went the food. First it was just because of the cravings to help me get through morning sickness, then the excuse was it was "just because" I wanted it.
So I have came to a theory. (Or some people might call it me just trying to justify myself...who cares)
If it's your first pregnancy : Get as big as you want!! Reasons: You're hubby really has no idea what to expect his wife will look like 9 months pregnant. Therefore live it up, and maybe gain more than your doctor would like you too...who cares...your hubby won't know if it's too much or not right? Plus he's still going to be in awe that he's finally becoming a dad, and with the overwhelming emotions he will have seeing his baby grow in your belly, he won't notice the extra 20lbs on your thighs right?
Ok, ok,....I can tell you've not bought into this theory yet....here's the kicker and why it really works. At that point it will obviously be the biggest he's ever seen you. So then if/when your blessed to become pregnant again with your second child, you don't gain nearly as much weight. Then he is absolutely amazed with you and says "honey, you've never looked this good pregnant ever! You look like you haven't gained a thing!" Get it? You set yourself up to never look that big again in your hubby's eyes, so you can never go wrong. haha. Brilliant plan right?
To me the reverse factor would be the worst. Not gaining a lot with your first pregnancy, and then going balls to the wall on your next. See then, your hubby already has this cute small little vision of what you should look like pregnant, and if you bust through that, he will notice.
So, have fun. Eat whole chickens that you can convienently find near the self check out of any grocery store, and boxes of mac n' cheese. Splurge on that pint of ice cream. If it's your first, you deserve it!
I know this post probably sounds so vein but it's really meant to be funny. I mean who even sits around and thinks of how to trick your hubby into not thinking about how much pregnancy weight you've gained?? Well, I do.


Shanny said...

ha! I love it!
I think you have some very valid points, if not now when? Too bad my G.diabetes stops me from enjoying all the food I want and to fool my hubby but I think you should totally do this in my honor =)

5th Belle Avenue said...

Haha this is hilarious. As soon as I start getting to that "always hungry" stage of pregnancy, I have every intention of eating it all. :)

Anonymous said...

Haha love it. :) And honestly I eat what sounds good already. It helped the morning sickness....well not really. But it helped a little. :)

Anonymous said...

Haha. my word verification was canks and it reminded me on cankles. Let's just hope we don't gain it in our ankles...that would be gross. :)