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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Small Update

I really don't have much news but I feel like my blog needed an update of the latest and greatest.
Over the July 4th weekend we had a huge family get together. Cookout, swimming, the works. Baby Bradley was kicking so strong that Grandma (my mom) felt him for the first time! He also kicked again for my 9 year old cousin Steph who is very excited that we're having a boy. According to her, "Girls are boring!" lol.
I have been much more moody. Believe me, If I can tell I'm being more moody, then I'm DEFINITELY being more moody. I don't know if it's the heat or the hormones or the sleep, but I've found myself being more cranky. I have noticed that I've been creeping back into the "tired" phase and needing to take a nap every day. I'm 22.5 weeks so I don't know if there is some major growth thing going on, or if I'm tired just because. I did find myself trying to take a nap over the weekend and I couldn't get to sleep because the baby kept kicking and kicking. So of course I had to yell at hubs (jokingly) but in the most whiny voice you imagine, "Bradley won't stop kicking me!" He smiled and came over and put his head by my belly and said, "Now Bradley, we do not kick our family members." It was cute.
At another 4th get together at our friends house, we experienced a parenting joy first hand. Our friends 2 year old daughter who is in the middle of potty training had a blow out...major blow out. She was playing on the swing set, and poor thing I think she just didn't want to leave the fun to go use the potty. So there she was, laying face down in the grass because her back side was unbelievable full and dripping. Her friend, a fellow 3 year old was trying to drag her to the house by her arm yelling, "Her can't walk!" We thought she had passed out from dehydration. Once we figured the whole situation out, we couldn't stop laughing. The poor kid needed a head to toe bath at that point.
In other updates Hubs is starting on the chair rail/wainscoting in the nursery so I should have before and after pics in a few weeks.
That's all for now!


Lindsay said...

haha loved that story. My niece is 2 and also potty training right now, and she had a couple accidents last weekend when we were visiting, one while we were out to dinner (which was just awesome). Then when we got home, I walked into the back yard with her, and she started taking her skirt off. I had no idea why, but I didn't get to her fast enough to stop her... well, she ran out into the yard with nothing but a shirt on and peed in the yard. I could not stop laughing but was also totally thrown off. I never thought about how much fun potty training is going to be!

A Wedding Story said...

Congratulations!! Very happy for you!

H.H said...

I am so happy things are going well!!! make sure you nap whenever you need it :D

Holly said...

aww the kicking is so cute and exciting! Love it :)

Auntie Sissy said...

That story is hilarious! Poor little girl!!
Also, just from a nursing point of view. If you feel the tiredness is creeping back in, maybe your iron is a little low. Maybe have the doc draw a hemaglobin and hematocrit. You might need an extra iron supplement. Take care!