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Saturday, July 10, 2010

What the Heck?

Umm...what the heck?
1) I have registered. It took weeks to complete just because I asked all my mommy friends their opinions and took any feedback they would give me. I was also obsessed with reading all the item reviews online....needless to say I was on the babies.r.us site for hours. So obviously, everything on my list was carefully chosen, and I really want/need it. The problem...there is this damn sippy cup that I put on my registry. I know, I know...Bradley won't need a sippy cup for a long time to come but it seemed to be one of the best weaning cups out there to go between a bottle and a regular sippy. So anyway, I registered for the blue one. Well there must be a glitch in the system or something because every morning I go back online to my registry and it switches itself to the PINK one. What? So I take the pink one off and put the blue one back up. Next day, PINK!! What the heck? It's so annoying and it's getting me so frustrated.....why do I even need to keep it on there? Why do I even care? It's like a $5 item so why don't I just go and buy the blue one for myself?? I DON'T KNOW BUT IT'S GETTING TO BE AN ANNOYING GAME THAT I'M PLAYING WITH THE COMPUTER...LIKE "SEE, YOU CAN'T BREAK ME". lol, It's ridiculous. I finally gave in and just took it off my registry for good. I broke.
2) This morning my loving hubs gave me a big hug when I woke up and came downstairs. How sweet right? Well he hugged me kind of high, around my shoulder blades. First thing out of his mouth, "Wow, you feel skinny up here!" hahaha WHAT?? WHAT THE HECK!! lol, I know in the boy world that was a sweet compliment. To me, it meant, "well you feel fat when I try to hug you around your stomach." Gotta laugh. "Well good morning to you too, and I'm glad I'm not carrying baby weight around my shoulders!"
Have a great weekend!


Waiting Lisa said...

That is so funny. I wonder why it kept switching to pink. Maybe it knows something you don't, haha.

Maybe sometime down the line you could share your registry with us? I would love to know considering all your careful research. I have been thinking lately maybe we should do a regsitry. Maybe it would give us renewed hope. And it would be nice to have it done in case we got a last minute phone call.

Miss S said...

lol that's classic, the hubby's do have a strange way of giving compliments some times!

Anonymous said...

Oh that is too funny! Maybe you could share some of your favorite registry item? :)

Holly said...

aww hubbies and their sweet foot in the mouth disorders lol