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Friday, July 30, 2010

Love My In-Laws!

My Brother and Sister-in-law that is! I came home yesterday from the office and there was a package on the door step....a GRACO package. Santa? Was it you? No! It was our car seat sent to us all the way from DC by my hubs bro and his wife, my best friend. So sweet! My shower isn't until September but who doesn't love an early present?? The pic came out very blurry, damn blackberry. But here it is, along with Lacy.

Now, who is going to help me figure out this "latch system" that the directions keep talking about?


Sheri said...

I promise the latch is easy, you probably have one setup already in your car (if it's relatively new). You either latch it to hooks in the seat or to a hook on the back of the seat (although that's a tether I think). It's SO MUCH easier than using the seat belt and trying to get it perfect.

5th Belle Avenue said...

How sweet!! What a fun surprise to come home to!

Kim said...

What a lovely surprise!!!! how exciting, sweet and thoughtful!

Waiting Lisa said...

What a nice surprise!

My sister and brother (and their husband and wife) bought us our car seat and stroller when we told them we were adopting. So sweet!