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Saturday, July 24, 2010

How It Went Down

First off...NO...I don't have results yet.


What they don't tell you about the 3Hour GD test is that they don't just do finger pricks to where you can see your blood glucose reading instantly...THEY DO FULL BLOOD DRAWS. OUCH!

Also what they don't tell you is that it really takes 4 HOURS not 3. LIARS!

The run down: I get there promptly at 8:15am after not having eaten in 12 hours. They take the first vial of blood. (I will also mention the needle they used was HUGE. I've had lots of blood taken. I'm talking vials and vials throughout infertility and pcos and my stupid liver function testing, so I'm an old pro at giving blood. But this needle hurt!)

Then they make you wait until that blood gets sent back from the lab and you have a basal blood reading. (Which they still don't tell you what it is)

Then you drink the sludge

Wait an hour.

Have another blood draw

Wait an hour.

Have another blood draw

Wait an hour.

Have another blood draw.

Then you are released.

So today I'm left with 4 needle welts, 2 on each arm. Plus, I've also decided for women who may have GD this is the most horrible thing to put your baby through. First you starve it. Then you slam it with sugar. Then you starve it again, all while removing some of it's blood supply little by little. What idiot decided that was a good idea?



Leslie said...

I hope that you will hear positive results on Monday!! I took my GTT on a Friday too and the results were back on Monday.

Amber said...

I love the last paragraph! You're right! There's gotta be a better way. Plus - if diabetics everywhere use the finger-stick blood test, why on earth do they need an entire vial? This is one of those things I won't miss, even if I'd gladly do it given the chance! ;) (Wait, did that make any sense?)