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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Nursery Face-Lift!

Yay, it's done!! Plus my husband is a stud. There's something about watching your man build something with power tools.
Here is our small nursery reno, or face-lift as I like to call it. I mentioned a few weeks back that we were starting on it. We decided to keep the original color of the room, but add a chair rail and wainscoting. The color is a sage green. To me it was the perfect green color because it wasn't a blue-green, which is hard to match. It's not a yellow-green which can look too much like a lime color. It's the perfect gray-green which is a warm color and easy to go with everything. The wainscoting is actually a faux wainscoting or what they call wall frames. It gives the same illusion of wainscoting but much easier to do.
So here is from start to finish. You can see we originally had a twin bed in this room and nothing else.

The beginning primer. I did that!

Chair rail up. Lacy trying to help. She did get some white paint on her "whip" oh I mean tail.

Please excuse me in my pj's. A.k.a hubs tee and shorts.

Frames are up!

Finished product!

Now....who wants to help me furnish it??


Lindsay Logic said...

Very Cute! I might have to steal that idea in one of my rooms. Love how simple it looks (to do), yet looks elegant. Good luck with the furnishings- check Craigslist- they might have some good (gently used) finds.

And you are a cute pregnant girl! :)

Leslie said...

Very nice. I really like both the color and the wainscoting. You and your dh did a great job. I look forward to seeing it all furnished.

Miss S said...

It looks great! :)

Kim said...

Nice work I love it!!!! Have you decided on accent colors yet?

Kate said...

So cute!! You guys did a great job. What a great idea!!! Can't wait to see it all together.