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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Different 2WW

Today I find myself in yet another 2WW. Now, of course, this 2WW is not at ALL as stressful or emotional as the real 2WW, so I hope nobody really thinks I'm trying to compare the two.
However, in just 2 weeks our baby will have an identity!! (Well, besides Cupcake of course.) In two weeks we will know if our first born is a daughter, or a son. We will know if it's a (insert our girl name here) or if it's a (insert our boy name here). And I know you all must be waiting on pins and needles to hear our name choices as well. Ha ha, jk.
In the beginning I thought I wouldn't want to find out the sex of my first baby. My thinking was, we will need to buy everything anyway so why does it matter if we ruin the surprise. But I definitely thought I would want to know the sex of my second baby because then we could decide what we wanted to keep as far as clothes and things, and what we wanted to give away.
Well, obviously you can see my thought process has changed. The closer it gets to being able to find out, the more I feel like I absolutely NEED to know! I feel like it will increase the bonding process so intensely to actually be able to call it by name. The thought of being able to do that almost is too overwhelming to me right now because it's so amazing feeling. Plus selfishly, I can't wait to get things with the baby's name on them...I just love personalization!!! lol!
I have so much respect for people who hold out till their delivery for the boy/girl surprise! Once again I'm showing my personality: 1)Not being patient 2)Wanting things when I want them 3)and wanting them NOW!! :)


Shanny said...

I always thought I would want it to be a surprise also but since I'm having two I just had to find out.... I doubt I wouldn't have find out regardless though so you are not alone! So cool and exciting girl, come on 2ww, hurry up!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to find out what you are having and I can't wait to hear the name! Are you going to tell us the name or wait until the baby's born? Sooo excited for you! :)

Ashley said...

I totally wouldn't be able to wait either! Hang in there girl! I can't wait to hear the news :)

Shanny said...

Well hello winner! You got the ipod cozy and you didn't even need the 2 extra comments lol
Email me at ssweets18@aol.com so we can get Mommy her gift! =)