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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2WW and Random Thoughs

Oh the places and infertile's mind will go. It's scary really. 3 Years ago it would have never dawned on me that I'd be putting so much thought into cervical mucous, or sitting shotgun holding a Thermos of sperm.
Nonetheless here I am, and my thoughts are uncontrollable. So yesterday I actually was thinking about the sperm clinic. I noticed when they took hubs back, they took him down a different hall, to a different room. Why did they do that I wonder? Is it because each room has different "material" and they don't want him to get bored with this whole experience. I wonder if the nurse looked at his chart and thought, "He was in the Young Bimbo's room last time so we should put him in the Housewife Hotties room today." How hilarious would that be?
On the way driving back to pick our guys up hubs asked a question which got us to thinking. What would happen if you got preggers through IUI and your baby popped out not looking like you at all. For example if it was a completely different ethnicity than you or your hubs or anyone in your family. What would happen? Would you look for your guys to see if they resulted in a pregnancy for another mom? Oh boy, I'm sure that would be a hefty settlement if that ever happened.
After having this conversation you can imagine how disturbed we were when we got back to the clinic for pickup and the other lady behind the desk took a look at us and said, "Oops, wrong Thermos." "WHAT?" That is definitely NOT something you want to hear at a semen analysis clinic. Well, that and, "I'm sorry we dropped it. Can you do it again?"
There you have it. I'm only on day 2 of my 2WW and all my thoughts are about sperm. You know what they say, "Think Fertile Thoughts!"


Shanny said...

Fertile thoughts or Spermie thoughts? lol
I'm petrified of having the wrong embryos in me, PETRIFIED! When I did my IUI's I was also freaked out but so far I've never heard of it happening so I think we are both good to go! Still keeping my fingers crossed for you =)

Holly said...

I can totally understand that fear, human error is scary! But I also know these clinics are even more afraid of being sued than we are of winding up with the wrong kid so they do A LOT to prevent those mix ups. At least that's what I am telling myself lol