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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Velentine's Day! Have a shot!

Yippy!! WAIT!

Not that kind of shot.

Ah, yes. This kind of shot. Right in the arrss.

So great news at our appointment this morning. On the right side we found one follie that was 26mm (the biggest follie we've ever seen)! Plus, another one tucked behind the ovary that was roughly in the teens. On the left we found another follie that was 17mm. Great stuff! After talking about it with our RE we've decided to take the HCG shot, (a.k.a. trigger shot) to induce ovulation. She explained to us that after a failed IUI of detecting my own LH surge, this is the next step.


It was also exciting to know that things this month seem to be moving along quicker then they ever have in the past. Typically, I ovulate around CD19. This month, my follies have grown big enough to ovulate on CD15. In my book a shorter cycle is a better cycle, I'm sick of this 36 day crap! We're not sure exactly why I'm mysteriously having shorter cycles. It could possibly be because this is my first full cycle on metformin. Or it could be because I've tried to be slightly healthier: i.e.no drinking, much much less running and lifting weights. Who knows.


So far this has been a Valentine's day to remember. It started off great with a vaginal ultrasound, "Good morning uterus!" It was then followed by a nice hefty out-of-pocket bill. Then it was off to brunch to celebrate all while there was a syringe in my purse with two needles. "Psst, excuse me miss, there are no metal detectors in Mimi's Cafe right?" Finally it will end with a good ole shot in the butt. I'm beaming!


Could this be it? Could this really be MY month?




Kim said...

Ohhhh I sure hope so!!! Everything seems perfectly aligned for it!! Love the pics with the shots, life sure is different now than it used to be hunh?! So now the wait begins?! I am on the edge of my sofa. xoxoxoxoxox

Shanny said...

Well good morning Uterus indeed! And happy valentined day to your follies while we are it!
Yay for the trigger, I really hope this is YOUR month, I truly do. Good luck my dear =)

Bridget said...

I am praying for ya! I am looking forward to seeing your family complete!

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great valetine's day! I hope this is your month!!

Carrie said...

Hopefully it was cupid shooting the baby arrow in your butt!!

Kerry said...

I recently stumbled on your blog through another. I am praying for you that you have success this month. I was a GS so I know what you are going through.