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Monday, February 8, 2010

Baby Names?

Baby names have been a topic in the media recently. (Well, not the media per say, they've been a topic in the blog world.) It came to me that this topic, as well, is yet another topic that I find HILARIOUS about infertility.
It made me realize that I've been an infertile for so long that my "names" have changed. You see, when hubs and I started planning our family back in 1200BC we had certain names picked out. Well now, we've found that some names are not popular anymore, (Gertrude for example, jk.) or that we have just grown to dislike the name over time.
This naturally got me thinking about what happens when we do actually get pregnant, (maybe, if, hopefully, God willing) and we name our child. Could we possibly grow in a a few years to hate the name of our own kid? OR,...are baby names like wedding dresses? Once you pick one out, you stop looking. Hmm............
All these things I wonder. All these things I wonder, because I've not yet had to live through it. Of course I wonder these on a day when yet another wonderful infertility bill comes that needs to be paid. Anyone out there who's insurance DOES NOT cover infertility knows just how stressful the financial part is. Hey...maybe by the time I have a kid I'll want to name it Great Expense, or Cash Noflow.


waiting and wishing said...

Ugh, I totally understand! I had a name picked out for a girl long before we even started trying to get pregnant. Now the name sort of reminds me of the waiting and struggle to get pregnant. Our girl name has also become one of the most popular names, so before I would have been a trend setter... now I would just straggler!! Infertility is LAME!

Anonymous said...

Our names have changed to. I think it's one of those things that once we can finally give it to our baby, we love it forever. At least I hope so. :)

Shanny said...

oooh I love cash noflow... I might just steal it lol

Waiting Lisa said...

The same thing happened to my husband and I. We agreed on both our girl and boy names. Then in the last few months I realized I don't want to use them anymore. We started over on our name search.

I think once they are humans with the name you grow to love the name even more b'c they belong to the baby you love. At least that is what my friend reassured me when I asked her the same thing, haha.

LaurenKauf said...

Hey, I gave you a blog award, come to my page and check it out!!


Holly said...

I think you're right with the wedding dress thing. Once your baby is named they will embody that name and it will just be who they are

Shanny said...

I'm back to let you know you have an award on my blog =)