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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Feeling Blah

So far this cycle I'm unsure how this whole "forget about it" thing is really working for me. I'm not sure if it's working extremely well, or if it's horribly going to blow up in my face.
See, the reason I've been able for the most part to "forget about it" is due to the fact that I haven't felt anything. Literally, I've not had one hot flash, one night sweat, one mood swing (hubs may disagree) or one episode of blurred vision. (Which is a side effect of clomid that you are supposed to report to your doc if you experience, but I never did report it, just had it a few times.) So therefore I have completely convinced myself that the clomid has stopped working on me and I have no follies growing.
I wonder could that really happen? Can your body become resilient to this medicine to where in no longer effects you? I'm sure it can, and I'm sure that is what's happening. On Sunday, on Valentine's Day, I'm sure the RE will tell me, "You have zero follicles on the left side, and negative two on the right" ("Negative number" you ask? Yes, because if there's a way to put insult to injury, infertility will do it.)
Today is CD10 and in clomid world that means today you start doing it every other day. However, if your doing IUI that is not as necessary. I'm not even sure if we are going to continue with another IUI this month, and if we will use the trigger shot or not. We will figure that all out on Sunday, yes...on Valentine's Day.
Until then I'm still finding something hilarious. It's so ironic to me that when your not "supposed to" have sex, you want to; And when you should be doing it, you could really care less too. Hmm, to learn something about myself: Just tell me not to do something, and I will!


Anonymous said...

I hope everything is going great and you just don't realize it! Fingers crossed for you that you get great news on Sunday!!

Shanny said...

I think your body just got used to Clomid, mine did. I'm sure you won't have negative number of follies (that made me laugh, not in a mean way) and you'll have good news on V-day. My fingers are so crossed for you! By the way, I also like doing the opposite of what I'm told. You rebelious girl you!

Juliana said...

Tiffany-I am so glad that I came across your blog tonight. I was in your shoes--and miracle happened for meand it will fo ryou as well. I am here for you if you ever want to talk!

New follower. Come by and follow back if you would like. Happy Valentines Day! oxoxox Juliana from A Blonde Walks Into A Blog

Anonymous said...

Auntie T-bone-

Thanks for the updates. We love you and we're thinking about you both.

Tiffany said...

Thanks everyone!! Juliana-I can't wait to sit down and check out your blog, thanks for the follow!

waiting and wishing said...

You've got a Blogger Award waiting for you over on my blog!