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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Funday

Hello out there and thank you all for joining me today. Please allow me to introduce you to my most favorite commercial of all time. Now, I know there has been many new one's out during the Super Bowl and also during these Olympics, however none have touched me close to my heart as the Geico Pothole Commercial. (and not this is not an endorsement, I don't even carry geico insurance....but anyway)

(I couldn't get the video to post, so follow the link here)


I'm not sure what it is that I find so hilarious about it. Weather it's the ditsy girls voice, or the fact that a pothole is talking, it is pure comedy to me. It got me thinking how hilarious it would be to use this commercial as inspiration of how to answer those annoying ,"I thought you'd have kids by now" or, "Why don't you have kids yet, when will you try" questions. How fabulous would that be if I was actually able to pull off the following act after one of those questions.

First, after the question I would look around with a shocked look on my face. Then in the most ditsy voice I can muster up I would say, "Shoot! I got no kids. Cus I'm an infertile? Sooooooo.."

Ha ha, that's just a funny thought. Tuesday is the end of my first weeks wait. I do not have to go get my progesterone checked this month which is nice. After that I will be plagued with the ever so horrifying test early or wait predicament. I'm getting nervous again as I don't "feel" pregnant. What do you think? Would you test early?



Lisa said...

I don't like to test early....I always wait. I don't want to set myself up for feeling crummy especially when it can be a false negative. I prefer to put myself in the hand of fate. But that is me.

Holly said...

that would be a great response to those questions! LOL As for testing early, I have a bad track record of caving and doing it but I also know it's a bad idea. This time I am getting all hpts out of my house before the 2ww so I am not tempted. Good luck! Only one week to go!

Kim said...

My husband loves this commercial too- he laughs everytime!!!

I got so dissappointed from testing early, I just stopped all together and wait for AF, sadly. If she doesn't come, then it's a surprise!